ISSE Services to Provide Cybersecurity Innovation for DoD Programs

ISSE Services to Provide Cybersecurity Innovation for Critical Department of Defense Programs

Local Small Business Drives Growth Across Key Technology Sector

ELK GROVE, CA, March 1, 2016 – As part of a $5 billion dollar comprehensive cybersecurity Indefinite
Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, ISSE Services will support Battelle, a major Department of
Defense (DoD) contractor, to drive innovation across Information Assurance initiatives. The newly
awarded Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Cyber Security and Information Systems Technical
Area Tasks (CS TAT) program is a five –year contract supporting multiple federal agencies. Leveraging
their extensive information assurance experience for major DoD weapon systems (such as the
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program), ISSE provide innovative research and development services
to accelerate cyber protection.

“ISSE Services is poised to play an integral role in the next generation of cybersecurity preparedness. We
are delighted to prove that even a small local business, far outside the DC Beltway, can provide
innovative solutions for even the largest national defense and critical infrastructure cybersecurity
programs”, says Kevin Spease, ISSE Services Principle Consultant.

Work under this contract will support multiple cybersecurity and information assurance
requirements for the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

Headquartered in Elk Grove, CA, ISSE Services provides information system security engineering
specializing in design, implementation, testing and maintenance of computer systems supporting our
nation’s critical infrastructure.

Spease Gives Talk on Cybercrime

Kevin Spease gives talk on Cybercrime at a recent Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce luncheon. As the Elk Grove Planning Commissioner and ISSE Principal consultant, Spease explained how the technological advancements have provided more inroads for cybercriminals to cause havoc in peoples personal and professional lives.

“We know that cybercriminals will do what they always do, which is to find more opportunity,” Spease noted. “Most attacks are indiscriminate. They don’t care who you are. They just want what you have.”

The best defense is a properly updated antivirus software program, but also an awareness of the tactics cyberthieves use to get access to private computers.

Spease to be Panelist at LISTA Emerging Tech Leaders Summit

Kevin Spease will join the panel for Cyber Security Done Right at the 2015 Emerging Teach Leaders Summit at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel on April 1, 2015.

3:20pm -4:30pm Cyber Security Done Right.

In this talk the security flaws and UX implications of passwords will be discussed and highlighted which different techniques exist that are able to offer a more mobile friendly flow. Highlighting authorization and authentication techniques like OAuth, OpenID Connect and even hardware features like Bluetooth Low Energy this talk will be interesting for anyone who’s facing a situation where creating and storing user accounts matters.

Air Force Selects ISSE Services

ISSE Services was selected to provide the United States Air Force with cybersecurity protection for portions of the RVA system, providing information at launch facilities and monitoring stations, and data transmission systems.

As part of a $40M sustainment program, the U.S. Air Force has selected ISSE Services, LLC to provide comprehensive cybersecurity information assurance, engineering and logistics support for the Remote Visual Assessment (RVA) video surveillance system. The RVA system guards the nation’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) sites. Throughout the 5 year, $1.2M contract, ISSE Services will support cybersecurity protection for key portions of the RVA system, providing information system security engineering for physical interfaces at the launch facilities and monitoring stations, as well as the data transmission system.

“The cybersecurity community has always focused on traditional IT systems,” said ISSE Services Principal Consultant, Kevin Spease. “The line is now blurred between security intrusion equipment and integrated IT systems. Physical security systems are highly centralized and fused across an organizational IT networks. This creates huge operational efficiencies, but also generates new pathways for cyber intrusion and puts critical data at risk. We are pleased to help solve this challenge for the Air Force and the RVA system.”